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A study in volumes, light and lines forms this turtle-like rock. Inspired by the temples of various Zelda games, I decided to design my own. The temple is part of a coastal cliff landscape and has a water theme. To complete it you have to activate different plates that you come across while exploring to gain entrance to the final room.

Individual Project - 10 Weeks

  • Genre: Adventure

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Assets:

    • Adv. Locomotion System

  • Inspiration: Zelda

Fästpunkt 1






The temple is designed around a central axis that goes from the start to the end. I did this to get a clear sightline that provided an opportunity to foreshadow what is yet to come, as well as establishing a goal for the player.

Also, the level is divided into two sides each with their own focus. One exploring interior spaces and one exploring the exterior. This was made to create an interesting dynamic between the two as well as to give the player a clear pause when reaching the mid way point.

Main Concepts

  • Central axis

  • Distinct sides

  • Mid way point

Fästpunkt 2


First part of the temple focuses on interior space and consists of a series of rooms forming a varied sequence. I used simple box geometry for the rough blockout and then moved to more complex shapes to get the organic feel of the rock. Natural light and character moveset also helped in forming the overall experience.

Design Principles

  • Varied sequence

  • Organic feel
  • Natural light
  • Moveset