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CONTRIBUTION - world concept, world design, level design

Action-Adventure game where you sneak into the City of Thieves to stop the emperor's curse. Use your climbing abilities to traverse the roofscapes, thieving skills to pickpocket the patroling guards and stealth combat skills to eliminate your foes.

Group Project - 7 weeks

  • Team: Skeleton Crew

  • Members: 12

  • Genre: Action-Adventure

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 5.0

  • Reference:

    • Sly Cooper 2


The game world is located in an archipelago and the City of Thieves is situated on a central island surrounded by the ocean and massive cliffs. There are a few bridges connecting the city to other areas on neighbouring islands such as the palace, but these are either heavily guarded or broken to create traversal situations.

The palace sits elevated and is thus well protected as it comfortably overlooks its surroundings. It is a clear landmark and can be seen from the player starting area in the mountains right across the map. This layout has the player first descend into the city to then make a climb towards the palace, creating a more dynamic experience.

Main concepts

  • Main island
  • Water as obstacle

  • Traversal situations

  • Neighbouring islands

  • Elevations within city

  • Palace as landmark

  • Descend then climb


Some screenshots from different places in the game.

We have uploaded this game to so if you want to try it out you can download it from the games page here.

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