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A multiplayer map project for Unreal Tournament and the game mode Capture the Flag. The project required a very iterative process and had several play tests before the final version. Designing for multiplayer was very different compared to other projects I've done and the map was constantly changing, Overall it was a very fun and challenging task.

Individual Project - Two weeks

  • Engine: Unreal Engine

  • Game: Unreal Tournament

    • Mode: CTF

  • Design brief:

    • 8-player map, 4vs4

    • Blockout quality

Fästpunkt 1


The main thoughts I had while designing the map was for the players to be able to feel in control while playing, having alternative routes and to have two floor flag rooms. This was achieved by creating big spaces and long sightlines towards the middle, while providing alternative routes on the sides with more cover leading to different approaches towards the flags. To get between floors I used jump pads to create more interesting gameplay.

Design Principles

  • Control

  • Alternative routes

  • Two floors

  • Symmetrical

  • Jump pads

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