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A small level design project exploring the limitations and possibilities of working within a confined space. In this case within the walls of an older bank building. The challege was to create an interesting level layout with varying gameplay and interesting sequences while getting most use out of the avalible space.

Individual Project - 24 hours

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26

  • Brief:

    • 3rd-person action adventure

  • Assets:

    • Advanced locomotion system


To create a sequence as varied as possible no space should remind the player of the other. This is tricky to achieve and require some subtle compositional work. Light also plays a big role and allowing it to enter in some rooms while shutting it out in others makes a world of difference to the experience.


The level consists of two phases where the first one is about exploring the building at your own pace while the second phase is a combat scenario that is triggered if the player choose to break into the banks vault.


  • Quiet exploring

  • Vault puzzle

  • Combat scenario

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